How we work

Ways of dealing with nuisance pests

Take control of the existing problem. Nothing is achieveable in the long term while there is an existing pest issue. This is where we come in.

Assess the situation and make changes. We're here to advise you on which changes you need to make to minmise the continuation of your existing issue.

Take the necessary measures to prevent a reoccurance. If you want them gone for now, call anyone. If you want them gone for good, call us.

Where we work

Bristol postcodes

We can get to most Bristol (BS) postcodes within a reasonable time, usually next day, sometimes within the hour if we're in the neighbourhood.

Service Hotline: 07702 740183

Email: info@bristolpestcontrol.com

Preventing and controlling Bristol's public health nuisance pests since 1994

Pest Prevention

What you can do to prevent nuisance pests in your home

Take a look at the tips and suggestions in our pest academy. We can help you to prevent pests in your home.